MAIA Exercise Physiology was born out of a desire to empower and educate women and birthing parents about exercise during pregnancy and postpartum. We provide exercise physiology services through mobile and Telehealth platforms, in individual and group settings. 

An Accredited Exercise Physiologist is a University qualified allied health professional who prescribes exercise for those with health conditions, injuries, disabilities and population groups. 

At MAIA we can assist with exercise prescription for conditions such as gestational diabetes mellitus, pelvic pain, abdominal separation, pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic organ prolapse, as well as working with you through postpartum recovery, rehabilitation and return to exercise and sport. 

At MAIA we believe that all birthing parents have the right to access information and services, and we are a LGBTQI+ safe practice. 



Hi! I'm Zoe, Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Founder of MAIA Exercise Physiology.

I am hugely passionate about the benefits of movement through all stages of life, but particularly during the perinatal period.  

In my past life (before kids!) I prescribed exercise as medicine for over 10 years to many population groups, but I found my passion for empowering soon to be and new mothers and improving education in perinatal exercise grew when I experienced pregnancy for the first time myself and saw how little information (and how much misinformation) is readily available. I would love all birthing parents to have access to safe, evidence based exercise information to help them move through their pregnancy, birth and beyond.

I am a strong believer in moving for mental health as well as physical, and moving for what we can gain, rather than what we want to lose. 

I am a proud mother of two children (plus a few furry ones) who loves to run and keep moving for my mental and physical wellbeing.